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Why Do You Conduct

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Why Do You Conduct

Why Do You Conduct an Employer Brand Audit? An Employer’s 

In conclusion, is the answer to the question, “How do you evaluate your employer’s brand?”

Specifically, employer brand audits offer the following benefits:

  • Streamline and improve recruitment and recruitment processes
  • Improve your ability to collect and manage employee feedback
  • Provides insight into what other companies are doing and how they can outperform their competitors
  • Improve and improve your employer’s brand and message. This is very important in helping to attract and retain talented people.
  • Providing the clarity needed to provide a better employee experience

Always add your employer’s brand audit to your priority list when planning your overall business strategy for 2022 and beyond. Otherwise, in today’s highly competitive recruitment market, you run the risk of lagging behind your recruitment goals and losing talent, which can hurt your company’s growth and productivity. Philippines Photo Editor 

Philippines Photo Editor

Check and Improve Your Value Proposition Your Value Proposition 

employer is a strategic statement that defines how your company wants to be perceived by its employees.

Take the time to do an honest self-assessment to initiate an employer’s brand audit. Check your value proposition and refine it based on more than just rewards. Think about what you want to offer as an employer and what makes your company different.

Is it your workplace culture, technology and digital capabilities, team diversity, remote work opportunities and workplace flexibility, and behavioral health support? What are the values ​​shared by people in your organization?

By auditing what keeps your employees staying and what makes your company a great place to work, you Can create value propositions that drive Employee retention strategies and strengthen your employer’s brand.


Step 2: List all employer brand elements to audit and update

Knowing where candidates can see information about you as an employer will give you the power to control how they interact with your company.

To get started, here’s a list of employer brand elements that need to be managed and updated on a regular basis.

Your website and career page

Search engine results and public information about your employer’s brand

Search and navigation experience, creative copy, and visual content on all pages and job sites that show the company’s open role

Recruitment and recruitment initiatives such as channels, advertising, job fairs, job descriptions, advertised benefits, benefits, etc.

Social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Profiles, reviews and ratings of your company on business review sites such as Glassdoor for Employers , Indeed and Best Company .

Other branding content such as videos, employee voices, workplace characteristics, company profile across the web, etc.

Printed matter such as leaflets and pamphlets

Spend your time figuring out what your competitors are doing and what factors they are taking advantage of. In this way, you can identify gaps and opportunities, intelligently allocate resources, and build an employer brand that is more attractive than your direct talented competitors.

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