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When Video is More Than Just Moving Pictures on Your Website

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When Video is More Than Just Moving Pictures on Your Website

Settle in and let me read you, “The Parable Philippines phone number format of the Food Truck.” After all, everyone loves a good food truck story. Gary Torres and Teena Nguyen own one of the most popular food trucks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area: Nammi Truck. Maybe you’ve tried it? You should. It’s a regular stop on the M/C/C lunch tour. Anyhow, Gary and Teena did an amazing job establishing their brand before the food truck wave truly captured North Texas. They were pioneers in a new market, and for that, they were rewarded with a loyal following, the best parking spots and a profitable return on their investment. Their outbound marketing was simple: website and social media. It was all they needed, or so they thought.

Photo by Phillip Barnhard Photo by Phillip Barnhard

While business was going well, the Nammi CMO Email List twosome—like any entrepreneur or small business owner—wanted to see more growth and gain additional exposure in an increasingly crowded market. Everyone that stops by the truck and meets the two falls in love with their infectious, laid-back personality and Vietnamese cuisine. Unfortunately, the food—which is great, by the way—usually gets top billing in pictures and tweets. The two had a sweet story to tell, but had not yet established the avenue to tell it. Video was the secret ingredient missing from their marketing sandwich. They found a friend willing to capture their personality and business profile in a nice, three-minute video.

YouTube And the Nammi Website

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While the video’s resting place was the true value came from what . Nammi did with the video once it was made. Gary and Teena shared the video via their Facebook and Twitter pages, which is a marketing no-brainer. Of course, that got shared around their social network of 10,000-plus. Also, the video continues to get lots of love from the two most popular search engines in the world—Google and YouTube—even though one MCCer feels Google doesn’t love anything. Kidding aside, you certainly want to rank high on both those engines, which Nammi does. Most importantly, the profile video served as a resume for the Food Network show, “Eat St.,” which seeks out the most interesting mobile dining options in the country.


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