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What Did the Official Account With a Monthly Income of 1 Million Do More Than You?

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What Did the Official Account With a Monthly Income of 1 Million Do More Than You?

In the tide of content entrepreneurship, the head. V made a lot of money, and the monthly income of 1 million in the middle and long tail is not a dream. Why has your public Uruguay Phone Number List account not improved, and where is the gap. Also, between you and the big Vs? This article will answer you one by one. 1. Create a content central kitchen: compress CCTV’s 1-month work to 1 day The most powerful public accounts are using a modular assembly line similar to the traditional media [central kitchen] But the time was compressed from 1 month to 1 day.

Build a knowledge database

In the era of knowledge currency, the ability of information. Also, [ input-reserve-call and extraction ] has become the most core ability of writers. It doesn’t matter how many books I read, what matters is how much knowledge I can extract for my use and fight. Knowledge CMO Email List database is such an existence, ready to store. Also, inspiration, epiphany, extract high-quality knowledge, sophisticated concepts, and call them whenever you need them. Lee Calle Beast is a good example of this: The picture below is a picture of Li Calle when he was teaching everyone how to distinguish between primary and secondary expressions. This article was published in 2016, but this picture was taken a few years ago when he was an undergraduate student at Wuhan University.

Choose a high-perceptual theme: use the “social symbol” of to the extreme

Uruguay Phone Number List
Uruguay Phone Number List

Resonance is a “social symbol” that has two characteristics. First, it is easy to be identified – attract attention, click to enter. Second, it is easy to generate emotional emotions – induce inner emotions, [passion] forwarding Resonance is a catalyst. In every link from publication to dissemination, as long as resonation is added, completely different results will be produced. To tap “resonance”, we must stand on the basis of user cognition, and consider how many user. Also, groups have been cultivated by this resonance point as a quickly identifiable symbol. For example, [Coldplay Lab], which has been on fire in the past two days.

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