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Viral Video Marketing Essentials

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Viral Video Marketing Essentials

Viral videos; we’ve all seen them, been ameriplan customer service shocked at them, laughed out loud at them and most of us have probably shared a few of them on social media as well. But how do you make an effective viral video that conveys your message in the way you want it to? And what is it that makes a video go viral in the first place? The first is content. Put simply, you have to create something that people not only want to share but that effectively conveys the message you want it to convey. Exposure is all very well, but tying in your brand message without turning people off from your content isn’t always an easy task.

Content is King

Of course some brand messages tend to sell CMO Email List themselves. Charities are a perfect example of this; you don’t need to create subtle subtexts or use clever metaphors, when your message is so self-evidently a moralistic one. You can throw as much money as you want at a viral video marketing campaign but if your message ever seems forced then your content will appear dull, unimaginative and ultimately forgettable. In other words, people just won’t want to associate themselves with you and your brand. Sharing content through social media says as much about the individual sharing that content as it does about the content itself. People will only share content with their friends and followers if they think it will appeal to a collective set of sensibilities (or lack of), therefore it’s essential that you first try to understand your target demographics.


Preparing The Ground

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The second factor to making any successful viral video is the marketing side. Just as having a developed and well financed marketing strategy in place won’t be able to rescue an awful video, having brilliant content is all but worthless if you can’t promote it properly. Seeding is the process of creating a buzz about your video by promoting it across multiple channels, such as blogs, social media, bought media and more conventional means like print media and even word of mouth. The key to video seeding is a holistic approach that will take advantage of as many relevant platforms and social spaces as possible in order to gain maximum exposure for your video. First and foremost to the success of this approach however, is good timing.

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