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Have Used Video to Become One of the Most Powerful and Profitable Media Outlets in the World

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Have Used Video to Become One of the Most Powerful and Profitable Media Outlets in the World

Twenty years ago, Vice was founded by. Therefore, Shane Smith. It is aimed at the youth all over the world and prides itself on being edgy. Therefore, and offering something to people who have no interest in mainstream media. Vice started get a singapore number out as a cool little hard copy magazine and when the Internet came along, Smith reinvented it and has made. Therefore, it one of the most well-known media brands on the planet. One of Vice’s smartest moves has been it’s use of video; where most media outlets have suffered in the age of the Internet, Vice have relished the opportunity and have been at the forefront of it’s potential from the beginning.

Vice on John McAfee

The John McAfee saga is the first example CMO Email List of how . Vice have been the first on a story with access that has left the mainstream press feeling very hard done by. Pre-Christmas 2012, John McAfee’s activity and whereabouts dominated the press when the . Belizean police announced that they were wanting to question McAfee in connection the recent murder of his neighbour. McAfee eventually surfaced – he had indeed gone into hiding – and was in. Therefore, the company of his girlfriend who was 18 years old (age is only a number of course, he just happened to be 66 at the time). The couple weren’t alone; they also happened to be hanging out with two Vice reporters. So, the police and the worldwide media had been trying to track McAfee down while these two reporters from Vice had been helping to smuggle McAfee over the border into Guatemala.

Lunch with the North Korean Basketball team

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This is an awe-inspiring video in which Vice get to show off their unprecedented access within North Korea. Vice’s video content isn’t tokenistic. It’s not like they have just thought ‘young people are lazy and won’t read so we will do little videos’. They actually care about their craft. Many of their videos are in fact short documentaries and they have built enough credibility to now be in a position to launch a 24-hour terrestrial news channel (in 18 countries). They are also going to have a documentary series in partnership with HBO. Maybe Shane Smith isn’t being unrealistic in his dream to become the largest online media network in the world…

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