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The XIII Count of Elda is born poland cell phone number format

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The XIII Count of Elda is born poland cell phone number format

260 years ago , on a Thursday, October 19, 1758, Felipe Carlos Osorio y poland cell phone number format Castelví was born at the San Idelfonso Farm , who with the passage of time would become, by maternal inheritance, XIII count of Elda among many other noble titles. Son of Laura María Castelví y Mercader , VI Countess of Cervellón and III Marchioness of Villatorcas and Antonio Osorio y Guzmán, Felipe Carlos succeeded his mother as head of the Cervellón poland cell phone number format county house in 1799, upon her death at 81 years of age. age. Just 6 days before her death, the Countess of Cervellón had taken possession of the counties of Elda and Anna that corresponded to her due to the extinction of the lineage of the Counts of Puñonrostro , previous holders of the Eldense county title.

On the death of his progenitor, Felipe Carlos Osorio y Castelví became the 7th Count of Cervellón, the 4th Marquis of Villatorcas, the 13th Count of Elda, the 12th Count of Anna and the 11th Marquis of Noguera. poland cell phone number format The government of such a large noble house held it between 1799 and 1815. Under the government of Felipe Carlos Osorio, the Cortes of Cádiz issued the decree of August 6, 1811, promulgating the abolition of jurisdictional manors. Provision that marked the beginning of the end of the lordships, despite the subsequent replacements of Fernando VII in 1814 and poland cell phone number format 1823. After 1811, the administrative normality that had occurred in previous centuries will not be recovered because the counts will no longer hold jurisdiction or the consequent coercive power that it provided them.


An example of this will be the meeting that took place on April 16, 1815, at the cmo email list General Meeting of the residents of the town of Elda, to approve the start of the legal proceedings of the lawsuit poland cell phone number format for reversion to the Crown of the town of Elda, before the Council of Castile . Process that culminated in 1841 when by ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice , the town of Elda reverted to the Crown. Married on poland cell phone number format November 21, 1789 to Magdalena de la Cueva y de la Cerda , he died on October 23, 1815, being succeeded at the head of the county house of Cervellón, Elda and Anna by his son Felipe María Osorio y de la Cueva , XIV count of Elda.


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