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The Second Step of the Summary of the Practical Experience of the Exhibition

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The Second Step of the Summary of the Practical Experience of the Exhibition

Depending on the size of the enterprise and the scope of functions. The TITLE responsible for the preparation and planning department of the exhibition Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List are also. Different, such as the brand marketing department, the publicity department, the marketing department, the brand planning department, the operation department and so on. The pre-exhibition preparation plan is formulated according to the company’s current leading business and annual/quarterly indicators. It must have a clear direction, specific goals and clear KPI assessment. It usually includes the following complete stages.

Forming, discussing and confirming the market plan

There are 3 things that need to be clarified in the plan. What the company wants to do during the exhibition, that is, what concept to promote externally, it can be CMO Email List described in one sentence. What is the purpose to achieve, that is, the company level: image publicity; business level. The entry point of business promotion; How to achieve these goals, ie, implement channels and methods. To achieve the purpose of 2, the channels and methods. Also, during the exhibition are as follows (according to local conditions): Objective 1: Entry point for business promotion Channel and Method 1: Product sales promotion (booth): functional area display for serving customers + video + customer service explanation + activity guidance.

Channel and Method 3 (Whole Library):

Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List
Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

The subway entrance in the first two days, the entrances and exits in the four days, the crossroads, the popular booths, and the stage area with activities will continue to be promoted for four day. Distribute APP download advertisements (with sales of popular products as the main selling point for sales; the back of the advertisements should be as practical as possible, such as the annual industry event schedule, etc.) (including booths). Handbags with XX product LOGO (including booth). The mascot wears XX products and walks around the hall, forming a mobile publicity. A total of XX sides of knife flags are displayed in the booth of cooperative customers. A roll-up banner is placed at the door of the theme forum.

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