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The RNS square the netherlands phone number format

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The RNS square the netherlands phone number format

July 21, 1968 began the renovation of the then Revolution Square National Unionist , the netherlands phone number format better known as Plaza de la RNS and that today receives the official name of Square Sacred Heart of Jesus, but for lovers history will always be, as it was for centuries, the Plaza de Arriba . the netherlands phone number format And I say although because that historical space, less square is of everything. Perhaps the Plaza de Arriba exemplifies in its flesh, to the shame of all of us, the nonsense and urban mistreatment to which we Eldenses, personalized in the successive municipal, the netherlands phone number format Francoist and democratic corporations, have subjected our old town and our roots as a people.

If in Elda the systematic attack on the Old Town began in 1956 with the alignment plan designed by the architect Miguel López who, under a developmental perspective, sacrificed the historic Eldense area to the netherlands phone number format false progress”; In the case of the Plaza de Arriba, the nonsense started in 1959 with the uprooting of the trees in the plaza. So notorious was this that, even despite the harsh years of the dictatorship, even the newspaper ABC , the netherlands phone number format in its supplement “Blanco y Negro” echoed the “arboricidal desire” of the Elders.


In 1967 , and in accordance with the disastrous Francoist alignment plan, cmo email list the houses that closed the square were demolished. Urban planning operation that distorted the historic and medieval space of the Plaza de Arriba, turning it into a “no square” or a “no street”, with no defined shape and no urban function. Among the demolished the netherlands phone number format buildings were the enormous maestre or manor house of the Maestre , the place where the enlightened Juan Sempere y Guarinos died. Imbued by the ultra-modern eagerness, so typical of the successive Eldenses councils , both Francoist and democratic, on July 21 today 52 years ago the reform and redevelopment works of the RNS square began. the netherlands phone number format Pink marble fountain that decorated the center of the square and provided drinking water service to the neighborhood.


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