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The Rise of Digital Video

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The Rise of Digital Video

Marketer recently released their Digital Display how to get realtor email addresses Advertising Roundup, identifying key trends and stats in our current digital world. One major topic of discussion? The idea that Digital video ads can be for more than just driving overall awareness. The article states: “When marketers determine their goals for digital video advertising, top-of-the-funnel awareness is almost always their main focus. In that sense, digital video differs little from TV advertising.” …but what about other objectives? What about ways the ways it can differ from TV advertising? The use of digital video to drive awareness is the current dominating strategy, but the video trend is quickly picking up to serve many other purposes in fun and unique ways.

Case Studies

How-To Using video to demonstrate how CMO Email List something works or how to assemble a product is a great way to show your audience what they need to know. Although serving a specific purpose, it doesn’t have to be a limiting objective. People (and brands) can get creative with how they’re teaching their audience. For example, stop-motion animation meets the “how-to” genre by teaching us how to tie a bow tie in a few simple steps. Best of all, there aren’t any clumsy human hands getting in the way – so not only is this video uniquely done, but it’s point comes across that much more effectively. Case Studies This can be a solid way to showcase a product, place or idea in an understandable way. For example, Canadian Tire recently partnered with the rubber Research & Development organization .

Create a Contest

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ARTIS to develop a winter concept tire – a tire that changes colour at 7 degrees so you know it’s time to make the change to winters. How does it work? Discovering how all those ingredients mix together to create a colour change is a lot more effectively shown through video  Or, use video simply to share an idea in a cool way: Create a Contest There’s a science behind video. People retain more of what they see and hear rather than just what they hear. Or see. Or read, for that matter. Not only that, but the movement in video – the humanity of it – elicits more emotion than simple text can. Long story short, video can be an extremely effective way to not only explain your contest to an audience.


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