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The New Year’s Day Copy You Want is Here

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The New Year’s Day Copy You Want is Here

How to write a copywriting? Look first, look later, write last. New Year’s Day copy can be written like this. First look for the keywords of New Year’s Day, roughly New Year, 2018, Year of the Dog, the beginning and the first day and so on. Then find the keywords of the Ukraine Phone Number List corresponding product, and finally write the New Year’s Day copy. I have selected 15 industry products here and wrote some New Year’s Day copywriting, hoping to bring you some tips and help. 1. Cars Copywriting: A new beginning, a new journey. You can use time to divide a road or landscape into two. The road in 2017 already has tire prints, the road in 2018 is unknown.

Financial management

Copywriting: I have a wish, that in 2018 everyone will be addicted to learning and earning money. There is another direction. Every year we set a small goal, such as earning 80,000 this year. Then, you can start from the perspective of helping you achieve your new year’s small goals faster. 5. Mobile phone Everyone is used to comparing a year to electricity. In 2017, the electricity was less CMO Email List than 1%, and then it will be 100% tomorrow. At this time, mobile phone brands can make a GIF, a moving picture from zero power to full grid, and take advantage of the opportunity to promote a wave of flash charging functions. 6. Shampoo Text: I wish you a prosperous new year from beginning to end. Text: I wish you a smooth home, business, and hair in the New Year.

Sanitary napkins

Ukraine Phone Number List
Ukraine Phone Number List

Text: I wish you a prosperous new year. Put two sanitary napkins under or next to the word “red and red”. The final effect is that the word “red and red” is gone, thus highlighting the absorption effect of the sanitary napkin. Snacks Text: Friends, chat more in the New Year~ Friends and relatives can get together, talk and laugh, and then eat melon seeds, dried fruits, passion fruit, pistachios and so on.  Exercise Copywriting: Let the body of last year keep up with the pace of the new year. It could be that he was running against the time, and then his fat self was left behind by 2018. Or a moving picture that crosses the line in 2018 and changes from a fat self to a strong body. 11. Alcohol Copywriting: Spit out all the thoughts of last year, and a happy new year.

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