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The metrics and KPI of a blog that you should start measuring now

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The metrics and KPI of a blog that you should start measuring now

Before going to the heart of the matter, you should know Spain Business Phone List a couple of concepts to know how to differentiate fantasy from reality when it comes to blog metrics.

Vanity metrics: they are those that, as you have guessed, cmo email list only serve to inflate the ego. These are numbers that fatten your status and make you breastfeed… but nothing more because they don’t influence what is truly important: the achievement of your goals.

Actionable metrics – these are the good ones, yes sir; those that have a concrete influence on what we are creating; those that add value and help analyze the real performance of the blog. And, as in any other area of ​​life, they are the ones that, despite being more complicated to achieve, are worth the most.

Does it mean there is a concrete list of vanity and actionable metrics? Like the table of eight but in digital? Well no, because it depends a lot on what your goals are. If, for example, you want to find work with your blog, I think that the number of likes on Facebook that your publications receive matters little. Better look, if this were your case, in those contents that make companies contact you.

“Very good. Does this mean that each one who looks at the metrics that they see fit? ”, You will ask me. Well, let’s see, yes but no. Let me explain: there is an ABC of KPIs that the very great (huge, immense, titanic…) most of the blogs should check to confirm that everything is going well (or, otherwise, change course).

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This KPI (closely related to time on site, which you should also monitor) will allow you to know which articles on your blog are most interesting to your users and which ones are less. So you can give the latter a spin and make the rebound go down.

“What do you mean to give it a spin? If my content is perfect! ” Whoa, whoa, don’t be like that. Let’s see, your content may be the worst, but it may not be exactly what users are looking for. 

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