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The lightning rod reaches Elda

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The lightning rod reaches Elda

Since Benjamin Franklin began his experiments on electricity and proposed in 1752 malaysia phone directory the idea of ​​using pointed steel rods on roofs to protect themselves from lightning strikes during storms, lightning rods have gradually spread throughout Europe and America. First they were the cities to protect the malaysia phone directory important buildings and all the constructions around them, and later it was reaching other cities and towns. In Elda, the first reference to this type of technological innovation was documented for the first time in November 1900 and as always linked to the development of the malaysia phone directory footwear industry, which at that time was in the process of moving from artisan workshops to large factory buildings.

Since Silvestre Hernández inaugurated the first large shoe factory in August 1895 , other master shoemakers made the leap “from self-employed to entrepreneurs” by building these large malaysia phone directory buildings to house the entire production process of making and assembling the shoes. The first to follow this initiative was Rafael Romero Utrilles , who since 1876 we have witnessed as a shoe manufacturer and who in March 1896 proceeded to inaugurate his large factory, malaysia phone directory also like that of Silvestre Hernández, in the axis of the which would later become Calle Jardines , the heart of Elda’s “ first industrial estate ”.


This factory was equipped with the best machinery and technology cmo email list of the moment for the manufacture of footwear, reaching at its peak an extensive workforce of several hundred workers and a production of 800 pairs per day and a total of 297,600 pairs per year ; becoming a benchmark in the footwear industry malaysia phone directory of its time. It will be a few years after its inauguration, and in order to prevent lightning strikes that could cause large fires with dire consequences for a building built with wooden beams and full of wooden lasts and easily combustible products, when Rafael Romero hired the services by Juan Bautista Martínez, electrician from Murcia, to proceed with the installation of 3 lightning rods on the roof malaysia phone directory of his home and factory, proceeding to place them at the end of November 1900. These will be the first of these devices to be installed in Elda, 120 years ago. For several years they were the only existing ones, arousing malaysia phone directory the curiosity of all Elders, while showing how the then town of Elda adapted to the new times with the introduction of scientific and technological advances not only in the industrial field, but also in the domestic.

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