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The First Step of Summarizing the Practical Experience of the Exhibition

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The First Step of Summarizing the Practical Experience of the Exhibition

The planning of an offline exhibition is mainly divid into three parts. Pre-planning, mid-term execution, and post-finishing. When it Find Your Phone Number comes to exhibitions. I have to talk about the prerequisites for planning a successful exhibition – how exhibition cooperation is achieve. When I was a mature enterprise, base on the company’s status at that time, it was in a stable upward period, the industry-leading community information platform had good traffic, and the profit. Also, model was mainly advertising by brand customers. The popularity has been opene, and the company’s brand professionalism, authority, and reputation need to be greatly improve. At that time, the offline market development of the marketing department was divid into 3 modules.

Use the media identity to negotiate

What the exhibition is most eager to get, the first is the entry of exhibitors. Which brings direct benefits to the exhibition. The second is media coverage, which CMO Email List is used for pre-show promotion, in-show publicity and post-show influence. The intensity and coverage of the media coverage also directly. Also, affects and drives the number and quality of entrants on the site. Therefore, as an Internet platform company at that time, we chose to negotiate resource cooperation from our media identity. We obtain equivalent resources through equivalent resource replacement, including the recognition and payment of the exhibition through media advantages.

Strive for the largest display resources with the exhibition and establish your position in the exhibition

Find Your Phone Number
Find Your Phone Number

First, we have to fight with the exhibition for our booth to be. Also, in the best position in the whole exhibition; Usually the best location is the one with the largest traffic flow, the best publicity effect, and the surrounding area with industry-leading and well-known brand exhibitors. There are usually 2 locations to choose from. The first one is the main channel. See where your biggest target customers are concentrated, and you will appear there. This is a display of authority. The second is the entrance to the main venue of the exhibition, which is the only passage for visitors to and from. Can get very good exposure and flow of people to visit. Second, we require the size of the booth.

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