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The Elda Inn list of telephone numbers in philippines

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The Elda Inn list of telephone numbers in philippines

It was the year 1776 , the sixteenth year of the reign of Carlos III , list of telephone numbers in philippines fourth monarch of the Bourbon dynasty. Francisco Javier Arias-Dávila Centurión , IX Count of Puñonrostro and III Marquis of Casasola was the owner of the county of Elda , as IX Count of Elda (1751-1783) and VII Marquis of Noguera . Titles also attached to the county of Anna, as the eighth earl. In addition to tithes and other manorial rights, the count also list of telephone numbers in philippines obtained important economic income from the rental of a series of facilities owned by him, such as bread ovens, mills, oil mills, tavern and the inn.

It will be today 242 years ago, on December 30, 1776, when Manuel Salabert , administrator of the Count of Elda, awarded the lease and exploitation of the inn of the town of Elda in list of telephone numbers in philippines public auction , between the years of 1777 and 1782, in favor of Ramón Serrano , a resident of Monóvar, for the price of 431 pounds a year. Amount that should be paid in two semi-annual installments, of the same amount, on the days of San Juan (June 24) and All Saints (November 1). Day, the latter, which was later changed to Christmas Day. The inn of the town was a “noble royalty”, that is, an exclusive list of telephone numbers in philippines property of the count who charged for its use and for its administration. It was located in what was then known as “ alle Nueva de Abajo ”, nowadays Calle Antonio Maura , although long ago it was also called Calle Esperanza (1881-1904) and earlier , Calle del Mesón . Street through which from time list of telephone numbers in philippines immemorial the route of the old royal road between Alicante and Valencia entered the town and already in the 18th century the one that communicated Alicante with the Court.


Like other establishments throughout the Spanish geography, in the case cmo email list of sales, inns, guesthouses and inns , the Elda town inn catered to travelers , passersby, merchants, muleteers , trajineros and carters who list of telephone numbers in philippines circulated along the aforementioned royal road, offering them food, resting place for them and for the cavalry. In relation to the latter, as the main means of traction, in the lease, Ramón Serrano list of telephone numbers in philippines promised to provide 130 loads of horse excrement (one every three days, each shipment consisting of 8 dung baskets, the size of the uses of harvest) to the Huerto del Conde, located in the space today occupied by the Prosperidad neighborhood .

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