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The disarmament of the Eldenses Moors residential phone listing singapore

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The disarmament of the Eldenses Moors residential phone listing singapore

Today 455 years ago, on February 8, 1563 , the Moors of the entire residential phone listing singapore kingdom of Valencia , including those of the county of Elda, made up of the towns of Elda and Petrer, were disarmed due to the fear of the authorities of the Monarchy. Hispanic to possible revolts or that said cultural minority, which was considered a crypto-Muslim, acted as a “fifth column” in the event of an attack or landing by Turkish troops on the residential phone listing singapore Mediterranean coast. Faced with this fear, based on the increase in Berber activity from North Africa, sponsored by the Ottoman authorities as a means of pressure on the Christian West, on January 19, 1563, King Philip II residential phone listing singapore issued the Royal Pragmatic ordering disarmament. of all the Moors in the kingdom of Valencia.

By virtue of that royal provision, Alonso de Aragón y Portugal , Duke of Segorbe and Cardona, in his capacity as viceroy and captain general of the kingdom of Valencia, ordered that said disarmament be carried out residential phone listing singapore in a coordinated manner and on the same day throughout the kingdom, establishing that it was on February 8 of that same year. The disarmament was carried out that day, in 415 villas and places throughout the kingdom, and according to the documentation kept in the Archive of the Kingdom of Valencia, a total of 16,377 houses of Moorish or New Christians were registered. In Elda, a certain Jerónimo de Valebrera, a gentleman belonging to a family residential phone listing singapore lineage linked to the municipal offices and offices of the city ​​of Alicante , while Mr. de Agost was appointed commissioner in charge of disarmament, having been reviewed a total of 231 houses, where 35 lances, 16 rodelas (circular shield), residential phone listing singapore 65 daggers, 91 crossbows, 40 helmets and 3 shotguns were seized.


The disarmament operation was a success, since 25,000 weapons of all kinds were seized cmo email list from the Valencian Moors , practically one for each home, thus reducing their military capacity, thus fulfilling the political objective of neutralizing residential phone listing singapore the large Moorish community of the kingdom of Valencia. This measure generated a list of households with a nominal list of “heads of family” by municipality, with the possibility of demographic use, residential phone listing singapore and an invaluable source for the knowledge of Moorish anthroponymy. Thus, thanks to that “census of disarmament” we know the names and surnames of all the Eldense families that 46 years later would be expelled from their homes, their lands and their beloved Elda Valley .


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