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The Civil Guard is killed in Elda how to call mobile number in thailand

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The Civil Guard is killed in Elda how to call mobile number in thailand

It was not even a month after the outbreak of the bloodiest war that how to call mobile number in thailand Spain has suffered in all its history, when on August 13 , but 81 years ago, violence broke out again in Elda. On the hot afternoon of that Thursday in August 1936, a corporal and four numbers from the Civil Guard post , from Elda, were shot dead in the heart of the city, in what is now Calle Jardines , in front of the Plaza Mayor, in what was the Coliseum Spain . The Civil how to call mobile number in thailand Guard, like the Army and Spanish society, was divided into two opposing sides. As the historical investigation has shown, the Civil Guard was decisive in the development of the initial events, and it can be stated that, how to call mobile number in thailand except for known exceptions, the uprising triumphed where the Civil Guard joined and failed where it remained loyal to the Republic .

In the case of Elda, perhaps infected by the case of the uprising of the Albacete command that was harshly repressed with the help of Eldenses militiamen, the members of the Elda post were detained and how to call mobile number in thailand arrested in a preventive manner. From the known versions, it seems that while being guarded by the militiamen, when they arrived near the walls of the Coliseum, they let them go ahead so that other militiamen, how to call mobile number in thailand stationed behind the walls, would shoot them.


Riddled with bullets, four killed by gunshots to the head and one seriously wounded with cmo email list perforated lung, who later died, were left lying on the firm of the then national highway that crossed Elda: Corporal José Marcos Praes and the guards Manuel Morales León , Manuel Moreno Luna, Miguel Benítez Cuenca and Manuel Manresa how to call mobile number in thailand Pamies . Manuel Manresa was 47 years old and left a widow and five children, including his how to call mobile number in thailand 20-year-old daughter, Josefina Manresa Marhuenda, girlfriend of the great poet Miguel Hernández .

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