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The Case of the Missing GMB Listings: Short Names Causing Suspensions and More

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The Case of the Missing GMB Listings: Short Names Causing Suspensions and More

While all that sounded great, recently there have been some pretty heavy rumours stating that the feature is causing huge implications for businesses using it. We decided to investigate.


What is a Short URL?

Short names and short URLs are easy-to-remember names for business profiles that can help GMB listings to accessed directly through the Google My Business platform. It means that businesses can promote their GMB listing to customers in a way that can easily recalled and presented in marketing material. They can accessed by going to the URL.

Short names can be up to 32 characters, and they are implemented in the ‘Info > Add profile short name’ section of your Google My Business Menu. They can changed, but only up to 3 times.

Google has published a help centre article to aid businesses with implementing these short URLs Armenia Phone Number. This also shows us that they are going to be around for good, rather than a temporary or Beta feature.

When the feature initially came out, there were many reports of businesses not having access to it, despite Google saying it was available to all verified GMB businesses. This is interesting, as it was the first of many hiccups to come for short URLs.


What’s Happening to Businesses Implementing Short URLs?

Joe Youngblood has been keeping everyone up to date on Twitter about the situation. It seems apparent that this has not in fact happened to all businesses implementing a short name, and is instead occurring at random. One thing is for sure, though, removing the short name will reinstate the businesses original ranking positions.

Call it what you want, a bug, an issue, a mistake – but there are plenty out there opposing that this is more than just a mere coincidence. The fact of the matter is that removing the short URL does reinstate the listings within a matter of minutes. This has been a pattern among all of the businesses experiencing this issue.   best database provider


How did a Google Feature Cause These Implications to Google Listings?

This is apparently a bug within the feature, although Google has not confirmed anything stating the issue itself. They haven’t even acknowledged its existence. Google is usually very quick to acknowledge bugs and get on to making fixes, so this is out of character.

So far, this issue is only based on rumours and anecdotal accounts, but it has been going on for a week now, with no backend solution on the horizon. From the sounds of it, this must be more than just coincidental, and so the mystery continues…

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