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Taking Over a New Project How to Quickly Formulate a Reliable Operation Plan?

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Taking Over a New Project How to Quickly Formulate a Reliable Operation Plan?

In the past three years, due to job-hopping or the company’s new business. I have been exposed to several products or modules with different business models. I often encounter the following question. When taking over a new project, how to quickly. Also, understand Henan Mobile Phone Number List and formulate a reliable operation plan ? With the growth of our capabilities, there will be more and more opportunities to come into contact with more new projects. At this time, we must have the ability to quickly understand new projects and formulate operational plans. And this ability has increasingly become an operator’s just-needed skills.

Operators have a higher probability of being exposed to new projects

In January 2017, LinkedIn and management consulting company. Bain released the “China Business Leadership Insights Report”, which pointed out that the Internet is the industry with the most job-hopping. The high turnover rate of Internet. Also, companies is a manifestation CMO Email List of the rapid development of the industry. LinkedIn pointed out in the report that in the fast-paced industry environment, few companies have enough time and resources to cultivate an effective internal talent system, and a large number of talents are recruited through external recruitment. Under such a large environment, operators. Also, need to constantly and quickly adapt to new services and products.

Clarify business logic and find key elements

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In the early days of new projects, we are always eager to get started as soon as possible, so we have a series of plans: How should the content be updated? What to do with the new plan? What kind of event are you planning? By investing in the tactical layer from the beginning, it is easy to ignore the key elements and goals of the entire business logic, and it is very likely to fall into a low level of diligence. What we should do is to clarify the basic business logic and business goals. So how can we clarify the business logic and business goals? We can use systems thinking to help us sort out our business logic : What are the key elements in the overall business? How are these elements related.

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