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SEO copywriting: The art of persuading and positioning

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SEO copywriting: The art of persuading and positioning

This is a very common question and a continuous war between brands and copywriters who also work SEO. SEO copywriting tries to be persuasive but, Indian B2B Phone List at the same time, it has the obligation to incorporate the keywords in the corresponding places so that this text has relevance for search engines. Because as much as you sell the best boots on the market, what is the use of selling them very well in your texts, analyzing their quality and design … if no one comes to your page to read them? 

This sometimes creates conflicts between brands and online marketers who work on these texts. “I don’t want to position my brand as an online boot store, but as a cmo email list place where you can unleash your style.” Okay, great, but users are not searching Google for “a place to unleash my style”, but rather “online boot store.” It is what it is. 

So what must be reached is a middle ground in which the keyword is incorporated in key places (H1, H2 …) but, in addition, the text defines the brand so that it can add all the added value that It has. 

So… is SEO copywriting the same as SEO copywriting? You guess the answer, right? Well no, it is not the same. Although SEO writing also has keywords to position, in this case, the texts are focused on informational searches, not transactional ones. Therefore, these texts have a more focused objective to inform the user about any doubt or interest than to carry out a specific action. 

An example? Well then, let’s get on with the shoes. The user’s search intention is not the same if he searches for “how to repair the sole of my boot” than if he searches for “boots model XY”. In the first case, it is evident that the person wants to find information that explains how to repair his boot. But in the second case, the user is obviously interested in finding some boots to buy. 

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How would both keywords be attacked in an online boot store? Well, the one that has to do with shoe repair would go to the blog and work as SEO writing. What could the copywriting intervene in certain areas of the post to make the person subscribe or go to the product sheet? Of course, but the fundamental objective of the text is to inform, and then already, as secondary, if you increase sales, all the better. 

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