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Seafood cold cake

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Seafood cold cake

Today I put on your table a cold seafood cake. A recipe full of flavor and indian mobile phone number example with all the colors that your imagination reaches. It is very easy to make, it is the most colorful and surely at home when you present it they will eat you with kisses. Preparation: Wash the potatoes very well and make a small cross section. Boil them unpeeled with water and salt until they are cooked, check by pricking with a knife, let them cool a little and remove indian mobile phone number example the skin. Smash with a fork and add the butter that should be soft; salt and nutmeg. Remix well. Remove the skin from the prawns and chop them together with the crab sticks or surimi. Add mayonnaise to taste, here is the link for you indian mobile phone number example want to make it homemade. Mix everything, this will be the filling of the cake.

Cover the base of a round mold with the mashed potato to a height of approximately 2 cm, smooth with the back of a spoon while pressing lightly. It should be a compact base. On top of this base, spread a generous indian mobile phone number example layer of the filling, covering all the gaps. Add another layer of potato on top of the filling. Spread with care and care; smoothing well, since this will be the most visible part. Chill in the fridge for a couple of hours.


Finally, cover the entire cake with a good layer of mayonnaise indian mobile phone number example including the cmo email list edges and decorate as you like. I have used a round mold for cakes of about 20 cm, you can also use a removable one for sponge cakes or even those used for plumcake, if you use the latter, remember to line it with indian mobile phone number example plastic wrap, so that later you can remove it more easily. For any celebration you have, you can make this cold seafood cake in advance, from one day to the next it is even better. If you have leftover prepared or you want to present it individually, indian mobile phone number example you can use individual molds. It is also very attractive.

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