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Robbery in the church of Santa Ana email list pakistan

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Robbery in the church of Santa Ana email list pakistan

Friends of others have always had the Historical Heritage as a substantial source of income. email list pakistan The wealth of works of art, furniture and liturgical objects guarded in churches, convents and monasteries has always aroused the interest of white-collar thieves, thieves or simple “sausages” who under the order of others carried out the theft to satisfy the demands of the market antique black intended for art collectors. An episode of this caliber must have occurred in email list pakistan the quiet town of Elda , back in August 1859, when at sunset on Monday, August 8, 160 years ago today, after the vespers services, the sacristan Juan Sempere and the parish priest of the Iglesia de Santa Ana, at the time Gonzalo Sempere and Juan , detected the theft of works of art. After confirming the theft of 14 paintings that decorated various parts of the temple, at email list pakistan around 11 pm they proceeded to report the fact to the municipal authority.

Diligently and efficiently, the deputy mayors of the town and the municipal surveillance commissioner began the investigations and the appropriate procedures due to the fear that the paintings could be unmarked, email list pakistan packed and transferred to Alicante. Investigations that, fortunately, bore fruit, as the stolen works of art were soon located. Thus, just after midnight, the paintings were located in one of the houses near the temple itself.


We know little else about that unfortunate event. In the absence of an investigation in cmo email list the archives, we do not know the identity of the author of the attack against the patrimony. In the email list pakistan same way that we ignore the scenes of these paintings and the authors of the same. From the brief descriptions that we keep of that temple in the mid-nineteenth century and that we suppose it preserved to a great extent its works of art and other liturgical objects until the assault, looting and fire of July 1936, we know that there were paintings of San Joaquín and Santa Ana , others with San Pedro and San Pablo , as email list pakistan well as others on various mysteries of the Rosary ; as well as a series of large-format paintings, commissioned expressly in 1858 for the Communion Chapel, from the high priests Aaron and Melchizedek , The Supper , The Lavatory and The Appearance of the Disciples at Emmaus Castle . The latter were completed by the email list pakistan Menorcan sculptor and painter Antonio Riudavest and his son, settled in Alicante.

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