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Review of “Scarlet Witch and Vision”

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Review of “Scarlet Witch and Vision”

At first, I’m not going to fool you, this idea scared me.  check indian mobile number format phone number details india Will they keep up the level of the movies? Will the platform be worth paying to see them? Will it be of inferior quality? But it is to see Wandavision (original name of the series, and much better than the one we have in Spain) and it clears all doubts. It brings us a product that not only has a quality to match, but also risks and hits the mark . The head explodes us from indian mobile number format chapter one. A show with check phone number details india personality, far removed from any comic book character-based movie or series you’ve seen before. They could have done something more superhero-like, with lots of action and a simpler, linear plot, and people would have seen it anyway. But no, with all the risk it entails, they have made a series paying indian mobile number format homage to sitcoms , while they tell us a story based on pain starring Wanda and Vision. Take it now.

And if there is someone responsible above anyone else for making the series something great, it is neither more nor less than the great Elisabeth Olsen . And it is that the last name was not only for his two indian mobile number format twin sisters. With Wanda, Elisabeth touches each and every one of the acting registers , makes the series hers. The emotional journey that you are going to have with Wanda is going to be very worth it, I guarantee it. indian mobile number format And beware, it does not come alone. Our protagonist is supported by a great Paul Bettany , (always two steps below her, that if) and a lot of winks, cameos and surprises , everything that Marvel has us used to. A marvel.


On the other hand, I cannot end this review without mentioning the great script work . cmo email list How they have been able to mix in the same sitcom series, action, mystery, comedy and the Marvel epic. And it is no longer just indian mobile number format to achieve all that, that after all, if they insist, they put it with a shoehorn. Rather, it all makes sense and worksYou start the series thinking, But what am I seeing? And you end up completely satisfied, with all the material very well spun and a perfect finishIn short, an entertaining and crazy series , where the genres mix perfectly. A risky job that has given indian mobile number format a more than remarkable resultBut without a doubt, from my point of view, it has a great burden for those who are not up to date within this universe. The 23 films that he has behind him , more short films, post-credit scenes, future films and series …

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