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Review of “Red Sky”

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Review of “Red Sky”

But that doesn’t happen with Sky Rojo . With this series, you settle on the how to know name by phone number in india couch, go to Netflix, press the button, and when you realize (those 25 minutes on average per episode are also very guilty) you’ve seen half a season. It does not surround, it does not lengthen the plots, it goes straight to the point , and that is the key, something is always happening. The locations also have a lot to do with it, giving the how to know name by phone number in india series a spectacular essence. Tenerife goes a long way, and in this series the island plays a leading role in the shade that leaves us with landscapes and settings that are an absolute delight. With regard to the characters, we have before us each of the stereotypes of the world of prostitution perfectly drawn, exaggerated and very well interpreted. Among all the how to know name by phone number in india performances I am left with three outstanding performances for me within the more than excellent work of the entire cast.

Asier Etxeandia , an actor who is an absolute weakness for me, is a chameleon of interpretation, and with Romeo he nails it, you hate him so much that sometimes he gets angry, because hell, he’s Asier and we usually want him not to hate him. Then we have Enric Auquer , with a huge Christian, at no time do you see the actor anywhere, you only how to know name by phone number in india see a kid who life and his bad decisions have not treated well, you feel his suffering and his excesses, a marvel. And finally, the discovery of the season, Lali Espósito and the manual on how to be able to be suffering, laughing, jumping and transmitting everything perfectly, with a performance that leaves you wanting to write down your future how to know name by phone number in india projects on a list and enjoy them all. . For me, the soul of the series. One point to take into account and that has caught my attention, is its magnificent soundtrack . Thanks to the music mixed with excess, the series is better digested, without neglecting what you are watching. For later, when the series ends and the music no longer plays, think about the amount of realities that have passed before your eyes.


The script has fewer twists than the people at Vancouver Media – La casa de papel-  have us cmo email list used to, and despite this, we do not miss them, because the story is consistent and despite how to know name by phone number in india carrying an added risk such as the The subject of trafficking within its crazy story, makes it very clear to us the steps that are followed to cheat, sexually exploit and not let these women escape in the real world. He explains without mincing words, within that fictitious framework, how those mafias roam freely without anyone doing anything. The dedication and a job well done shows. When you are watching it, you are discovering the care that is taken when recording the scenes, the plans, the sets, the photography. To give an example, for me the scene hitting the Manolete style I have plenty of all, but it is so well recorded and cared for that it seems to me one of the most striking scenes of the entire series, and I repeat, as a scene, there is plenty.

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