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Review of “Felicidad” (“Bliss”)

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Review of “Felicidad” (“Bliss”)

I could start this review by talking a little about the context of the film, its how to find mobile number name in india director, a thousand things, but it is impossible, what a joke, and that I have little. What a disappointment of a movie, incredible how a proposal that seemed to work wonderfully vanishes by believing what it is not. Bliss is dedicated to telling the viewer in each frame that he is dumber than a stone, that she knows more and that possibly her how to find mobile number name in india stupid human mind will not be able to do everything. I’m only going to tell you one thing that you will understand when you see the movie, not even mixing yellows and blues will you swallow this mess .

Let’s go with the actors. Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek do what how to find mobile number name in india they can, they even despair a lot, one to go on the list, but on the arrogant list, and, the other, for being in a continuous confusion and not advancing with the character at any time, simply the amount of how to find mobile number name in india Dirt on his clothes makes you see where he is going. The desire to kill them as the movie passes we will not miss. Then we have the dilemma, how to find mobile number name in india real world and simulated world. If it were up to me, instant suicide, I’d rather die than end up in either of those two worlds.


All the sequences and explanations in the real world are worthless, they do not add up, cmo email list they do not contribute, they only tire and make you sleepy. The simulated world has a little more crumb, but it how to find mobile number name in india is neither exploited nor taken advantage of, they pass from it and abandon it. We cannot connect with one world or another, both leave the viewer dislocated with so much useless speech and constant incoherence. how to find mobile number name in india After we find the plots without closing, the director wants to convince us that leaving those plots like this is enough to make us think that both worlds are possible, that by leaving open doors in both worlds we have the possibility of giving it the ending that how to find mobile number name in india we like the most, when in reality all it looks like is an unfinished movie and it only creates more confusion within the chaos. Amazon’s big premiere for February disappoints and makes for such a bad time that we can even wonder if continuing to pay Prime is worth it.

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