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Review of “Crazy about her”

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Review of “Crazy about her”

I did not pay attention to it when Netflix announced it at the time, I did not buy indian phone number online see the trailer, I did not read the plot, I simply left it to see at some point later, the competition is huge today to decide from the sofa. And now that I have seen it, I find myself with an above-average comedy and with some very, very interesting characters . Because this movie, from my point of view, is that. Characters.  They are the ones that make the film flow, that buy indian phone number online you see them and want to know more about each of their stories. A work that makes a material, which otherwise would have been something of the heap, rises and gives us a more interesting story than we expected . At the script and direction level, it ‘s a normal movie , as I said, it’s not going to be the comedy that turns your life around, that’s clear, buy indian phone number online but it doesn’t need to be.

The plot, despite talking about an interesting topic such as mental illness and treating it with a special affection, does not end up being something realistic and much detail is left in the inkwell, something, buy indian phone number online on the other hand, understandable for the type of film it is. . But at least he dares to show us a world unknown to most people . A simple, linear plot, both in most secondary stories and in the main one. You know how it will end and it promises few surprises , but at the same time, very effective and with great characters . buy indian phone number online And that’s where the movie wins, the character building and the casting work. Every actress or actor that appears does a very, very good job. The choice of each of them is more than correct and gives the film credibility. That if, above all we have two roles that for me are buy indian phone number online the most prominent.


To Luis Zahera, with an impressive work and without a doubt (beware that we are still in March) cmo email list the Goya for best supporting actor in 2022. It is the heart of the film , the most credible and best-worked story. Without him, surely the film would have lost a lot, since there are moments in which its history is more interesting than that of the protagonists . When he is not on the screen you want to see him somewhere, and when he is, he fills it. A meticulous and very careful work buy indian phone number online with the character. And Aixa Villagrán, with a very complicated role that she plays like a charm.  Every tick, every attack, is mixed with a charming cuteness that says a lot about the work behind the character. It makes you think that a few more minutes on screen would not have been left over at all. In short, a fun film, which raises buy indian phone number online awareness about everything that surrounds people with mental illness, but despite having this scenario as a backdrop, at the end you feel that they have not opted for the more realistic ending and leave the viewer with the feeling that they have not fully deepened.

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