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Analysis of the Goal Setting of Operation Work

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Analysis of the Goal Setting of Operation Work

In this article, I use cases in my work to analyze the source and formulation of operational goals for everyone, so that everyone can recognize the value of goals in work, and at the same time face the goals in work with a reasonable attitude. 1. The role of goals 1. Goal (encyclopedia explanation) The goal is the subjective assumption of the expect result of the activity, a subjective Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List ideology form  in the mind, and the expect purpose of the activity, indicating the direction for the activity. It has the function of maintaining the relationship. Also, between all aspects of the organization and forming the core of the direction of the system organization. In layman’s terms, our estimates of the results.

The role of goals

Figuratively speaking, goals act like beacons, pointing us in the ocean. In the operation work, the goal sets a reference value for the results of the CMO Email List work we do. With the reference value, after the results come out, we can score our work. Full marks, pass or fail, can be judge by the goal. If there is no goal, it is impossible to judge whether the result is good or bad, and the work will be like a branch swaying in the wind, without direction. 3. Disadvantages of Target Reasonable goals can motivate employees to maximize their value, while unreasonable goals will reduce employees’ enthusiasm for work. The level of goals and the enthusiasm of employees show an inverte U-shape trend.

The source of the target

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The goal is split layer by layer. The purpose of starting a business is to make a profit, and profit is the ultimate goal. According to this goal, if it is divide down, it will become a small goal one by one, similar to a pyramid-like structure. For example, for example, our company’s annual target is 5 million profit, and the monthly target is 410,000. In order to achieve a monthly profit of 410,000, what is the target of adding new users? How much should the monthly activity increase the revenue? In order to increase user activity, what is the goal of version optimization? From the initial big target of 5 million to the final small target, a version update, the target is split layer by layer and assigne to different positions.

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