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Monogram logos: 40 design ideas for inspiration

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Monogram logos: 40 design ideas for inspiration

Amonogram logo is an artistically arranged business acronym. It is sometimes called a lettermark, and it is usually derived from the initial letters of a brand name. While this makes it function effectively as an abbreviation, there is much more to monogram logos than that. Selection of monogram logos illustration by orangecrush historically, monograms have signified everything from artistry to royalty to team affiliation, and these associations have carried on to this day. To get a better sense of how monogram logos work and how to design a great one, we are going to take a look at their history and get inspiration from their modern interpretations. Monograms in historical context — monograms predate logo design as we know it today by millennia. Even so, it is worthwhile to understand their origins when planning to design a monogram. 


Monograms in historical context

How monograms have been used in the past philippines photo editor informs their usage and our perception of them in the present. Monograms appear to have originated in ancient greece. They first served the practical purpose of identifying the city state to which currency belonged, the monogram fitting conveniently. Within the limited space of a coin. In this way, monograms became associated with the government and as markers of legitimacy. Ancient greek coin with monogram via wikimedia commons later, the burgeoning christian church used “christograms,” combinations of christ’s. Initials in greek. While these allowed early followers to identify one another and spaces of worship in secret code, the. Religious symbolism tied to the christograms led to the initials being presented in artful configurations.

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Types of monogram logos

Skipping ahead to the medieval period, monograms CMO Email List became fairly In addition, common amongst guildsmen and artists. In this capacity, they acted as a shorthand signature, identifying. A piece with the hand of a particular creative or guild. As they were associated with quality craftsmanship, this promoted even more artful monogram displays. Monogram signature of artist albrecht dürer monogram signature of artist albrecht dürer, dating back to the 1400s. Image via wikimedia commons royal cypher of king george ii in stone royal cypher of In addition, king george ii dating back to the 1700s. Image via wikimedia commons monograms also became popular. Among the nobility as royal cyphers, in which a family name would be crafted onto a stamp as monogram. 

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