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Mobile Programmatic: Salvation For Mobile Advertising?

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Mobile Programmatic: Salvation For Mobile Advertising?

One of the most important trends within the advertising industry today is programmatic advertising itself, which is based on more agile purchasing systems that allow brands to bid on an advertising space that will surely reach a niche of audiences. specific and determined by particular interests. Today this type of advertising is also part of the mobile field, a phenomenon that poses new milestones in mobile advertising in the near future.

This was explained by Carlos Fanjul, head of data-performance & analytics at Havas Media Group, during his participation in the 4th National Congress of Digital Italy Phone Number List Marketing. In this way, Fanjul spoke a little of the context in which brands today relate to the current consumer. Thus he highlighted that “we are facing a context of changes at the level of technology and in media consumption habits. Currently, there are more than 2 billion people connected to the network , which for the industry is a challenge and an opportunity to amplify our messages and influence the behavior of audiences ”.

Along these lines, he stressed that unlike what happened a couple of years ago where there was only one screen for everyone, today audiences have access to an individual and personalized screen thanks to the rapid penetration of mobile devices. This phenomenon, in the words of the speaker, “opens new channels to connect with the consumer in a more successful way based on particular interests”. In three years everything will be programmatic and mobile

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The above scenario is ideal, which allows programmatic advertising to project significant growth as a vital part of the marketing and advertising strategy – both online and offline for brands. “In three years everything will be programmatic and mobile”, assured Carlos, “there is the opportunity for brands”.

The growth in the use of mobile devices, the relevance they have in the dynamics of information consumption and the growth of advertising investment in this area Brother Cell Phone List are changes that favor the promotion of mobile programmatic, a tool that from the perspective of the representative of Havas Media Group can be the resource that will give new energy to mobile advertising for three reasons.

  • Improve the relationship between the brand and the consumer: Through personalized proposals in an almost intimate environment for the audiences.
  • Response to adblocking: The personalization that programmatic advertising implies to deliver relevant information to each consumer in the mobile field will allow brands to avoid the growing use of adblock tools among their target audiences.
  • Data plus content: It is the key that will allow brands to succeed in their mobile actions with specific and relevant innovations for specific consumer groups with particular interests.

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