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Michael Gass Tells Me How He Gets 30,000 Visitors a Month

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Michael Gass Tells Me How He Gets 30,000 Visitors a Month

As I have written about many times type in phone number and find location free south africa before, one of the really terrific . A things about having a podcast is that it is an extremely powerful tool for networking. Thanks to my podcast, my professional network has never been better – and the best part is that I don’t have to fly to conferences to expand it. Just a few minutes ago I got off the phone with Michael Gass – a past guest on my show – and . We talked about the promotional part of his digital marketing strategy. Since interviewing Michael some months ago, he and I have started to get to know each other a bit and . I have quite enjoyed my interactions with him. Had it not been for my podcast, it’s unlikely that  Michael and I would ever have crossed paths; much less become the business-friends that we now are.

Michael Gets 35,000 Monthly Visitors

Michael has been blogging for quite a CMO Email List number of years . A now and his site receives between 30,000 and 35,000 visitors a month. Currently my site is getting around 10,000 visitors a month, so I was very sure that the advice that . Michael was going to give me would be worth listening to. Rather than keep Michael’s advice to myself, I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and write this quick blog post to share his ideas with my audience as well. I hope you enjoy them! If you have questions or comments about the ideas that Michael shared with me, please make sure and use the comments down below so that we can start a mini-mastermind on how to promote our blogs and generate more traffic.


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Michael is a very big advocate of Twitter and tells me that he gets a lot of traffic from it. In checking his account I see that he has 64,633 followers. He tells me that he used to use a tool called TweetAdder her to build this following however; over time, that tool has lost a great deal of its effectiveness. He is now using a tool called ManageFlitter. Manager. Flitter has a free version and a paid version. Michael is using the paid version. He recommends following no more than 100 people per day and then he sets the program to wait for about three days and then unfollows anyone that doesn’t follow him back. He tells me that you can build a very targeted following .

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