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Mañaco Panocha, panizo and roses

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Mañaco Panocha, panizo and roses

Mañaco is used to refer to a small child and also, in a pejorative sense, iran phone number for the child already of a certain age or even the boy who behaves like a child, in a childish and capricious way (“Stop crying now, you punk!” ). It is a Valencian word, but it is also used in Murcia and Spanish-speaking areas of the Valencian Community or close to it (for example, in Caudete it is found in its babbler). Its origin may be in the Catalan term manyac, -aga (pronounced “mañac”) which, iran phone number among other meanings, is an appellation to address young children when they are caressed or cradled. It is also possible that the Catalan manyac , had crossed with the Aragonese word moñaco(doll) and that could explain the final / o /. In fact, in Valencian there is also the voice monyaco with the same meaning as manyaco. Its etymology is uncertain, but some for authors iran phone number could derive from the Latin voice maniacus ‘maniacal’, applied to capricious and spoiled children.

There are other minority opinions on the etymological origin of manyac , iran phone number such as the one that Federico Corriente collects in his Dictionary of Arabisms and Related Voices in Iberian Romance : “ the ‘manyague’ creatures… are loving babies, that arouse tenderness…”, on this statement Ramón Valldosera comments on his Rodamots.cat page that, several centuries ago, these “loving babies” performed other types of pampering iran phone number and caresses, exclusively male: * in short and bluntly, a manyac, in Arabic ‘manyak’, according to the Arabists, was the slave or boy submissive to the sexual desires of his owner. This opinion is also shared by Dolors Bramon , andRamón Solsona iran phone number collects it in his book A paraules em convides.


Panocha is still used and known in Elda. Its Latin etymology is curious, its cmo email list original meaning being that of ‘skein of weaving’ , even in its remote Indo-European root pan- . Panocha is considered Aragonese or Mozarabism according to one or other authors, and has passed into Catalan with the spelling panotxa . Of the same iran phone number Latin origin, panucula , vulgarismo of panicle , we have the Castilian voice panicle and Catalan panolla . Cob comes from a cross of the Arabic masura ‘canute of shuttle to weave’ (of Persian origin) with the Romance voice gallows, which meant distaff, according to Coromines. Panizo, another term used in Elda, is the name of corn in Aragon and areas of Influence and comes from the vulgar Latin panicium, iran phone number which designated another grassy plant that was cultivated in Spain before the arrival of corn from America in the early seventeenth century , and then went on to designate the new crop by its resemblance, although it was different from the autochthonous one. In Valencian we have the same root panís, and of Arabic origin dacsa, to call corn (the latter also originally iran phone number designated another cereal). In Catalonia the name blat de moro is widely used .

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