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Is the opening of e-mails related to personalization?

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Is the opening of e-mails related to personalization?

Email marketing works as a tool focused on offering better and more information to a customer after being contacted by other means, such as point of sale or social networks. They also play an important role as a means of communication between the brand, companies and consumers. E-mail marketing strategies provide good results for companies, because according to Ascend2 Research-Based Demand Generation studies, 62 percent of  business to business (B2B) companies indicate that mailing is one of their strategies. more effective. Likewise, Adobe highlights that 63 percent of consumers are inclined to the offers and promotions they receive through their email, while direct mail was only chosen by 20 percent of customers,

According to Miguel Baigts, CEO of Consulting Media México, the basis of these strategies is segmentation , since you have to know who an e-mail is directed to and the Chile Phone Number List information that is sent, which must be in accordance with the tastes or the history that the consumer has generated in a certain commercial firm. In relation, the question arises as to whether the personalization of emails (in this case also taken as information segmentation) has a relationship with the opening percentage.

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Likewise, studies projected by Statista indicate that the answer is affirmative, since it stands out that the percentage of open emails that only have the personalized subject amounts to 9.8 percent, while the rate of those emails that have personalized content is of 17.6 percent. This data compared to 11.4 percent of the emails that do not include this feature , that is, a content according to the client has  more weight than a personalized subject.

One factor to highlight in the theme is that there is only a 5.3 percent rate in emails that have both personalized aspects -subject and content-, lower compared to the Brother Cell Phone List separate themes. It is important not to neglect to include information that generates some type of benefit to the reader , since according to Forrester studies, 36 percent of consumers do not open the email if the information does not seem to be of interest to them .

Finally, it is important to note that one of the most relevant values ​​that e-mail marketing has is the low cost for which it is handled , since the activities are carried out in a medium that is relatively inexpensive and that has the empathy of different consumers worldwide.

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