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How to write a great post on a topic you don’t control

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How to write a great post on a topic you don’t control

After the “I just know I don’t know anything”, it’s time to investigate. For this, you have the most powerful weapon in the world at your complete disposal: Austria Business Phone List Google. Use it. I note (I tell you, I did the search before) that there is information on the production of cashew nuts in Brazil.

No matter how convoluted, complex or weird a topic is, surely there are expert people who have already written about it on the internet. Find out as much as you can and feel yourself climbing your learning curve.

Now that you more or less control the matter, go a little further. Analyze what is missing in the rest of the post. It is not necessary to be eminence of the sector to see that, cmo email list perhaps, what is missing in other articles is more complete information.

You already know how cashew nuts are planted and harvested in Brazil. You already know how much water the plant needs and what is the best climate for its growth. Great. Now what? Well, think of those people to whom you are going to explain everything you have learned … speaking as if you were the brand.

Hard? Yes, but not so much, do not get into a drama queen plan. You just have to understand the type of public that is going to read you to adapt your language to their level of knowledge and then start writing the post with the personality of a company that you have just met on a subject that you knew absolutely nothing about until today. while trying to create better and shorter sentences than this one. Just that … Okay, a little panic you can feel.

Even taking into account the signature, the target and all the sources that you have soaked up, to write a really cool post you have to write … well. Let me explain: use metaphors, similes, simplifications, creative associations .

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In a word: surprise. In the best sense, of course. I’m not telling you to completely blow your mind and talk about something that has nothing to do with it. Is not that. I mean that, within the theme, surely you can be original.

And I’m not telling you anything about avoiding spelling or syntax errors because I assume that you control that at 1,000%, VERRRRDAAADD? Well, and if you have any doubts in any word, nothing happens either! You go to the RAE, the Funded or WordReference and they will surely solve it for you.

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