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How to make a podcast: complete guide (ita completit) a

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How to make a podcast: complete guide (ita completit) a

If you had to give a score to the creation of a calendar for your radio project (which in the end is what it is), where 0 is not important and 10 is very important, Switzerland Business Phone List what would it be? I have come across a good handful of people who touch this aspect far above, giving it a paltry 6, as if it hardly matters. Are you one of those? Error. 

1. It commits you: when you set a schedule to cmo email list  publish a podcast once a week (for example), that fact commits you to yourself. You begin to see this project as what it should be, a responsibility that you have to carry out. 

2. Establish a theme: one that is consistent and makes sense over time. In addition, when scheduling you can collect seasonal ideas to take advantage of them on specific dates when they may have more pull. 

3. It allows you to make changes: if there is a last-minute change of plans because, for example, you see that a topic that just occurred to you is better than the one you had planned, you can always reposition that topic without losing it. 

So now you know, make yourself a basic Excel and set your own calendar. In addition, you can incorporate a tab that is for individual ideas that you have not yet scheduled. In this way, you will not lose any of those fleeting little stars of clairvoyance that they can give you in the subway or the gym. 

Voucher. You already have the theme and the calendar. Perfect. But there are still very important decisions to make. For example, the name, which is not a trivial subject at all. You have to feel comfortable with it, of course, but at the same time it should be fairly easy to remember, that it connects with the rest of your brand’s channels and that it makes sense. 

¿Why is it so important? Well, because you must work an entire identity for your podcast. At the end of the day, it will be a new channel, and you must consider a whole strategy to manage it. Therefore, depending on who your audience is, the chicha that you can get from each of your topics and the interest that users have in them, you should define some key aspects. 

And among those aspects is the duration of the program or the sections that you think you can incorporate. If, for example, you are thinking of starting with a scientific dissemination program, chances are that your users are interested in sections of the scientific ephemeris type or who discovered this. Or maybe you want to develop only one topic per podcast and focus on it… There are so many possibilities…!  

You should also consider, although you can do it later, aspects such as the type of music that you are going to incorporate (and at what moments of the podcast), the bursts or the way in which the program will start. In Paradise, for example, we always start with a sentence that introduces the topic we are going to discuss. But this is only one option out of hundreds of thousands. You can also do it directly with the tune or with a special greeting. It’s up to you.

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Although it seems incongruous, the visual part is also essential for a podcast. Define the graphic identity that you want it to have and link it with the rest of the elements of your brand because it must be easily identifiable with the other channels of your project.

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