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In-depth Analysis of Product and Operation Relationship He Scolds You

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In-depth Analysis of Product and Operation Relationship He Scolds You

The mutual fight between products and operations has become a phenomenon-level topic, because products and operations are naturally hostile and check and balance each other. Why natural hostility? Don’t they all say that products and operations are a family, products give birth to children, and operations raise children? This is the ideal state. The reality is: products meet Venezuela Phone Number List the needs of users, and operations meet the desires of users. It is difficult to collude if the Tao is different. From the perspective of the functional composition of the enterprise: only the product function and operation behavior can be perceived by users using the product. Therefore, a typical Internet company has only two categories of positions: product and operation.

The Essence of the Editor is the Product Manager

Operation is to seek business value on the basis of retaining users of the product. It often starts from the psychological bugs of users, so that users have instant psychological changes. For example, on Double 11, users lack vigilance and become both conformist CMO Email List and impulsive. Later, I found that I bought a bunch of things that I didn’t use. “Yingxin” should be the user’s psychological bugs, such as greed, conformity, show-off, jealousy, vanity, laziness, lust. Then the operation takes advantage of these human weaknesses to quickly convert it into business value. Every round of operation must be “stealed”, and frequent success is the highest state of operation. Advanced copywriting is the best weapon for user impulse and conformity.

The distribution of powers and responsibilities:

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Who leads whom The current status quo is that the product sleeps on Simmons, and the operation is the days of depositing one to pay three and laying the floor! In fact, the operation is attached to the product itself. Only when the product is recognized by the user can the operation take something from it. Products are cultivating business soil for operations, and operations are helping products realize value. The ultimate goal of the two is the same, that is, to help companies succeed: products determine how big a company can be, and operations determine how long a company can do. On the operating tools: who will make the operating tools! The status quo is that all products like to be the front desk, and they are unwilling to spend time on back-end operation tools.

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