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Google Will Now Let You Auto-Delete Searching Data

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Google Will Now Let You Auto-Delete Searching Data

What was once an all-or-nothing approach to data collection for Google’s users is finally getting a little middle ground.

Google has announced that users can now set their profiles to automatically delete. In addition, location and web-browsing data after a three-month or 18-month period. Previously, Google allowed only for permanent data collection or none at all.


This new profile setting is designe to give users more control over their personal information. The changes give privacy-wary users the chance to limit how much of their information is archive without entirely opting out of Google’s data collection.


Online privacy is more important than ever

Convincing customers that their privacy is respected has a challenge for major tech companies. Last year, Google had to discontinue the Google Plus social media platform after the user data of over half a million users were mistakenly disclose.

What does Google do with your personal information?

Most people don’t notice or know this: Google spins our personal information and turns it into a more personalised online experience across Google’s products and services. Web & app activity can also help Google estimate a user’s interests and put ads in front of them that they are more likely to engage and appreciate.

Furthermore, Google uses anonymous personal information to provide El-Salvador Phone Number you with tailored Google Ads for products and services that are most relevant to your interests.

There’s a whole host of other Google features and services that are more streamlined thanks to the data they collect, including:

  • Recognising traffic patterns to find faster routes on Google Maps
  • Auto-completing your searches
  • Providing recommended videos on YouTube that you’re more likely to  interested in
  • Auto-completing forms on Google Chrome  best database provider

Information collection serves as a benefit to businesses and marketers as well. In addition, because they spend less money putting online ads in front of people who won’t  interested. If you run a business. In addition, it can feel like throwing money onto drywall and hoping that something sticks.

However, this is not to say that the advantages don’t come with disadvantages. The collection of personal information has always been a double-edged sword for Google. In addition, as well as other massive digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Amazon. A large portion of users remain sceptical of data collection and worry about the security of their personal information.

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