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Gallery Ads Are Coming to Mobile Google SERPs

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Gallery Ads Are Coming to Mobile Google SERPs

Google Marketing Live is looking like quite an event this year. For instance, and one of the biggest announcements that came out of. It was that Google Ads are getting a new addition to the family – Gallery Ads. These carousel-like ads are coming to mobile Google SERPs later this year. For instance, according to Google Ads and Commerce SVP Prabhakar Raghavan. Although only to the top spot on mobile results pages.

Let’s go through the specifications for this new format, and what it will mean for advertisers in New Zealand.


What is the new Gallery Ad Format?

Using the new gallery ad format, advertisers can now create galleries of relevant product images for mobile customers to swipe through. They expand out into a vertical-scrolling gallery if any of the images are tapped, and the headlines are linked to a specified site URL. Raghavan mentioned in Google’s corresponding blog announcement that these were developed to combine search intent with the use of rich creative, in the name of creating a better and more cohesive brand story for users to resonate with. When creating an ad, you are able to:

  • Upload four to eight high-quality images.
  • Write a corresponding 70-character description for each image.
  • Assign up to 3 test headlines to the gallery, for the most relevant one to displayed.
A preview of the gallery ad in action (Source: SearchEngineLand).

Google users in the United States saw the first incarnation Ecuador Phone Number of this format back in March of 2016, when eligible automobile advertisers could create a kind of “virtual showroom” and let users swipe through the models of cars available. Since then, Google implemented them in beta with other products and services to test their performance, which appears to have yielded a bountiful harvest (if their latest announcement is anything to go by).

“Google’s tests have indicated that image-heavy text ads work well in search results.”

Andy Miller, Leader of Search Ads Strategy at Google

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What Does This Mean for Advertisers?

There are several key points to this new roll-out that will have an impact on your digital marketing strategy.

First, it’s important to note that these ads are less about driving direct conversions and more about leading customers further down the purchase funnel. Rich creative shown in relative searches is a way of driving positive brand awareness, consideration, and preference, even if potential customers aren’t clicking through to order straight away.

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