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Five Up-To-Date Ways to Succeed in Google News in 2019

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Five Up-To-Date Ways to Succeed in Google News in 2019

The Google Webmaster blog has recently released a list of tips for how you can succeed in Google News this year, which includes best practices and general advice. In this post, we will break down the main best practice tips for news content success.


What is Google News?

Google News is Google’s own collection of news from a massive range of sources from around the world. In English alone, it collects articles from over 4,000 sites. Google is an unbiased news source as it gathers information from multiple perspectives and is a highly-respected and trusted source.

Since Google News has such a large aggregate, you can imagine just how highly reputable an article has to be in order for it to be ranked highly in the algorithm – which doesn’t help that this is constantly changing and evolving. This means it’s important to stay on your toes and implement smart search marketing by taking in all the information Google provides.

So you want to succeed in Google News this year? Read on!


Make Sure Your Headlines are Clear

Taking shortcuts during the formatting stage Nepal Phone Number of article creation is not an option if you’re trying to rank in Google News. When Google’s algorithms detect that your headline isn’t presented correctly, or that you haven’t formatted your article properly, this is reflected in how your article is ranked.

Best practice to follow here is to be consistent with the hierarchy on your pages as Google will detect the most prominent text as a headline. Titles should also  matche in the HTML title tag. In terms of formatting there should always be a clear date and time underneath the headline – but not a part of it. It’s also good practice to use structured data in the code for your date and time, as this indicates that  accurate date and time is being presente.

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Be Original

Google News loves to reward original journalistic content in its ranks, so it will always give credit to the original publisher of an article, and try to get rid of all duplicate content. This means it will block scraped, rewritten and republished content.

Best practise to follow here is just to find your own news stories, folks. There isn’t much else to it. If your journalism is authentic and unique, Google News will reward you in the ranks – but if it just rewrites an article or scrapes content automatically to generate news, Google will know, and they don’t have any tolerance for it.

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