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Electricity reaches Elda how to find phone number in singapore

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Electricity reaches Elda how to find phone number in singapore

The construction of the hydroelectric power station in the Monastil area , how to find phone number in singapore whose construction ended in 1899 , made it possible to generate electricity with the water stored in the Elda reservoir , and from there it was distributed to both towns. Energy production that was how to find phone number in singapore financed by the investment of the Company “Barrasa, Velasco y Cía. “, A partner in turn of the company” La Eléctrica Eldense “in charge of the distribution of electricity. Electricity supply that allowed the early electrification of some footwear industries, as well as the night lighting of a few streets, such as the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Calle Nueva. how to find phone number in singapore Lighting inaugurated with all pomp on September 6, 1900, the night of the Dawn of the Elda Major Festivities of that last year of the 19th century.

On May 30, 1871, 150 years ago today, a character of the Elda of the moment died, at the same time that a myth of Eldense history was born, whose wake continues to this day. Francisco Ganga Ager, better how to find phone number in singapore known as “the Seraphic”, died, as a solemn poor man, at the then Elda District Hospital. Born in Elda in February 1812, at the age of 16 he went to Cuba as a soldier, where he acquired a vast general culture that later he knew how to translate into the facet that made him famous: prompt rhyme and funny verse. Popular and spontaneous rimador, even despite not having how to find phone number in singapore left written work, his compositions were recorded in the collective heritage of oral literature transmitted from generation to generation, until they were collected by Emilio Vicedo (1902) and compiled in their entirety by Alberto Navarro (1982).


With a prodigious memory, his poetry is characterized by a simple, direct and colloquial cmo email list language in accordance with the audience he was intended for, although full of mythological elements, how to find phone number in singapore characters and events from past times, skillfully used.After his fleeting Madrid adventure, he returned to Elda , found neither job nor stable benefit, which allowed him to “transhume” through the towns of the region. The people of Petrer, Monóvar, how to find phone number in singapore Novelda, La Romana, Orihuela, Crevillente, etc. .. knew the Seraphic and the gift of him. Even despite having inherited from his parents the knowledge as an esparto weaver and an expert coffiner, he worked as a farmer, a mule keeper, a messenger, a shepherd, a construction laborer in the railway works, etc., but it was not work that most how to find phone number in singapore happy it made him.

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