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Eldense footwear apostle dies how to call a mobile in new zealand

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Eldense footwear apostle dies how to call a mobile in new zealand

 Born in Elda in 1864 , when the shoe industry was timidly beginning to emerge. how to call a mobile in new zealand With an enormous breadth of vision, from Elda he marched to Cuba and from there he reached the American cities of Lyn and Brockton , in the state of Massachusetts , the cradles of American footwear. how to call a mobile in new zealand There he learned American modes of shoe production, design, and technology. Knowledge that he imported to his homeland and that he tried to spread throughout the Spanish footwear industry during the first decade of the 20th century how to call a mobile in new zealand through the magazine “ El Figurín del Patrón Americano ”, published in Madrid by this entrepreneurial Eldense.

Around 1909 he left Madrid, returning to Elda where he founded a luxury footwear factory in the name of his son Pablo Pérez . Factory far from the standards of the moment, in which there were only 12 workers and how to call a mobile in new zealand which was considered by the population as a laboratory where tests were carried out and innovations brought from the US were applied. He would die in his hometown, on May 4 1919 , at 55 years of age. In recognition of his fundamental contribution to the Eldense footwear industry, on February 12, 1930, the Elda city council, how to call a mobile in new zealand presided over by Francisco Alonso Rico, named the street where the houses known then as Casas de Justamante stood with his name. However, that recognition did not last long. After the civil war, came the consequent political purge of the gazetteer of the Eldense street to the pairo of the politically correct of the moment. On July 5, 1939 , the Elda City Council decided to how to call a mobile in new zealand change the name of a group of streets among which was Antonio Pérez Street, which was titled as ” Galician Troops “, as it is known today.


Since then, by the work and grace of the Eldense city council, the name and cmo email list merits of Antonio Pérez were forgotten and ignored by the Elders thanks to the ignorance, insensitivity and / or sectarianism of the first municipalities of Victoria. Furthermore, eighty years later we are still the same. Municipal authorities consciously deny, with premeditation, how to call a mobile in new zealand treachery and diurnity, and almost with contempt, public recognition of this pioneer from Elde who opted for the modernization of the Spanish footwear industry; that he was concerned not only with the introduction of new methods and technology, but also with the training of the shoemaker business in matters such as production and marketing; who fought against how to call a mobile in new zealand administrative and tariff barriers and the lack of policies for the development of the footwear industry in Spain;

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