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Elda, May mobile no location in pakistan

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Elda, May mobile no location in pakistan

Four years ago, General Franco’s regime had commemorated in style the “mobile no location in pakistan  XXV years of Peace ”. The celebrations exalted the regime while legitimizing it as the guarantor of peace, order, progress and stability in a decade, from the 1960s, of economic development. The exhibitions, festivals, contests, publications, film premieres, which participated in the official celebration came to give a modern image of the country. The Stabilization Plan mobile no location in pakistan of ’59It was bearing fruit with a determined opening of the regime in the economic sphere, which, however, was not accompanied by a corresponding evolution in the political and social that a relevant part of society was already mobile no location in pakistan demanding. For this reason, in the sixties the country witnessed an interesting dialectic between the official and intransigent discourse of the regime and other ideological, cultural and artistic discourses that are rapidly making their way into society.

In parallel to that official reality, Elda in the sixties was a city in full economic, demographic and urban development. Six years ago the modest National Footwear Fair had reached the category mobile no location in pakistan of international competition (1962); in 1964 the Eldense fair pavilion was inaugurated, which came to put Elda and the Alicante shoe in the star system of world footwear; Elda had reached the unimaginable threshold of 40,000 inhabitants. However, that Spain that did not conform to the official or ideological discourse, that Spain that had evolved politically and socially, mobile no location in pakistan began a process of social awareness and worker and political struggle. And Elda was no stranger to that fight.


On May 1, 1968 , 51 years ago today, and on the occasion of the international cmo email list celebration of Workers ‘Day , the first workers’ demonstration since the end of the civil war was held in Elda . mobile no location in pakistan Nothing has been registered of that first protest demonstration. Only the oral testimony and the illustrious memory of a then young Fernando Cabrera reminds us of that heroic struggle for the political and union rights of the working class. Perhaps, that was the shortest demonstration in the history of Elda, however it was the one that marked a before and after in mobile no location in pakistan the workers’ struggle in our city. In it, the germ of the political and union struggle for democratic freedoms in Elda was made visible for the first time in three decades of dictatorship.

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