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Elda has a new mayor how to check mobile number details in pakistan

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Elda has a new mayor how to check mobile number details in pakistan

On Sunday , February 1, 1976 , a new mayor was sworn in as the new how to check mobile number details in pakistan mayor-president of the Hon. Elda City Council . A young councilor, elected by vote among the councilors of the Eldense corporation, came to replace Antonio Porta Vera , mayor for the last 17 years (1959-1976).At 10 am, in a crowded plenary hall, with a well-attended attendance of judicial, military, municipal and provincial how to check mobile number details in pakistan authorities, family members and the public, the minutes of the last plenary session on January 25, in which Francisco Sogorb Gómez was elected by vote (8 votes) against other candidate councilors: Juan Navarro Busquier (5 votes) and Eloy Pastor Gonzálvez (2 votes). Reading after which he was sworn in and took office as the new mayor of the city.

After the oath, Antonio Porta, as outgoing mayor, proceeded to how to check mobile number details in pakistan the symbolic transmission of municipal powers to the new mayor, through the exchange of the municipal command staff. Then both gave institutional speeches in which, on the one hand, emphasis was placed on the achievements made and the desire for the best for the successor; and, on the other hand, the deep gratitude was expressed for the service and how to check mobile number details in pakistan work carried out, while the future lines of work that were going to mark the intense and hopeful political period that opened in Spain, after the death of General Franco and the airs of democratic freedoms demanded by Spanish society. Francisco Sogorb would hold the mayoralty of Elda between this February 1, 1976 and April 19, 1979 , when Roberto how to check mobile number details in pakistan García Blanes , candidate of the PSOE, promised his position as the first democratic mayor of Elda.


Barely two and a half years of municipal mandate in which, although previously cmo email list initiated projects were collected and personally promoted, such as the General Hospital , the channeling of the Vinalopó river how to check mobile number details in pakistan as it passes through the city or the House of Culture ; It is no less true that they were 26 months of intense work, of marathon efforts in Madrid before ministers and general directors to get Elda with improvements in the sewerage, public lighting and other public services, the empowerment of the Intermunicipal Association with how to check mobile number details in pakistan Petrer as element of joint progress of both populations; but above all, the great concern of that great mayor of the Transition was to providepublic schools to an Elda that was growing at a dizzying rate and that under his mandate reached 53,000 inhabitants. The land was acquired and the procedures for its construction began by the then how to check mobile number details in pakistan Ministry of Education and Science. Network of public schools that would be built both under his mandate and later under the new constitutional council, ensuring the full schooling of all Eldenses children.

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