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Elda convent is demolished pakistan mobile phone number directory

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Elda convent is demolished pakistan mobile phone number directory

March 31, 1941 , 78 years ago, the demolition of the building pakistan mobile phone number directory began in the Madhouse Provincial de Alicante , located atop a small hill in what is now the eldense district of the Virgen de la Cabeza . Months before, in September 1939, scarcely five months after the end of the war, and after many years of promises and projects by the Provincial Council, the Elda asylum was transferred to the Santa Faz district, in San Juan de pakistan mobile phone number directory Alicante. Since then the Elda building remained closed and unused, waiting to know what to do or what to use. The unfortunate memory of the hardships suffered by the mentally ill confined there, especially during the years of restriction in the middle of the war, was key when deciding their future.

That building, part of the historical cultural heritage of the Elders, pakistan mobile phone number directory was first the Franciscan convent of Nª Sra. De los Ángeles . Built from 1564 by Don Juan Coloma , III Mr. Coloma of the Barony of Elda and future Count of Elda , it was inhabited by observant friars of the pakistan mobile phone number directory Order of San Francisco until 1836. Later, in 1862 it was converted into a District Provincial Hospital for the care of the poorest in the region. It was used until 1892, when it was converted into a provincial asylum.


The demolition works, projected by the Alicante Provincial Council , cmo email list did not take into account the historical or cultural interest of the building, nor the possible reuse for another use by the City Council. pakistan mobile phone number directory Demolition carried out against the opinion of the municipal manager who at that time presided over the Eldense city council, who protested before the presidency of the Provincial Council, but without managing to paralyze the works. Several were the projects designed for those lands on which centuries ago the Franciscan convent was built. One of them pakistan mobile phone number directory was to build a Professional Footwear Training School there . Dismissed project that was replaced by the official housing development. For which, on September 21, 1947, the Provincial Council gave the Eldense city council the pakistan mobile phone number directory necessary land for the construction of the future Virgen de la Cabeza neighborhood, whose homes were handed over to their owners on February 26, 1960.

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