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Elda and the typewriter trace cell phone number mexico

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Elda and the typewriter trace cell phone number mexico

The 20th century had arrived. Elda had already enjoyed the rank of city since August 1904. trace cell phone number mexico Faster than slower, the booming footwear industry was proliferating, creating company after company and building factory after factory. Elda began an industrial and demographic growth. The 6,166 inhabitants of 1905 became 8,028 in 1910 . Population increase that would soon have consequences on Eldense urbanism with the creation of new trace cell phone number mexico working class neighborhoods. Elda left behind its past as an agricultural town and began a more than interesting process of transformation into an industrial city.

And the industry brought modernization, allowing the technical advances and the latest technology of the moment to reach Elda, in the case of electricity in September 1900. The municipal administration trace cell phone number mexico had to “put the batteries” to adapt the administrative apparatus to a changing economic and social reality. And if the businessmen promoted the electrification of the city, it was the city council that introduced other advances of the time, in the case of the telephone in June 1905, in response to repeated requests from the Municipal Court and the Civil Guard post. For its part, trace cell phone number mexico the Municipal Secretary also joined the new times of the recently released 20th century. And that change came from the hand of a revolutionary invention in administrative matters: the typewriter .


109 years ago . August 1911. For a year the municipal government of the city was chaired by cmo email list José Joaquín González Payá , son of the former mayor José Joaquín González Amat, both of whom trace cell phone number mexico were attached to the conservative ranks. At the proposal of the Municipal Secretary, the city council acquired a typewriter. It would be on August 27, 1911  when the first typewriter entered the city. It was a machine “Smith Premier No. 10 with carriage C” trace cell phone number mexico and was acquired for the price of 1,250 pesetas ; being paid in various installments. Years later, we find that the City Council already had a larger park of typewriters. Thus in 1930 the City Council had three machines, the Mollet, Royal and Underwood brands . It will take many decades for the electric typewriter to reach the Eldan trace cell phone number mexico municipal administration, soon to be replaced by personal computers. But with the permission of the reader, we will leave those chronicles for the next official chronicler.

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