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Elda and the Manila Archivist poland cell phone numbers

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Elda and the Manila Archivist poland cell phone numbers

The esteemed reader who follows these Eldenses Chronicles will poland cell phone numbers already be used to the commemoration and remembrance of the birth, death or passing through Elda of famous people or related in one way or another to the history of our city. However, there is a long list of people born in Elda who, while hardly known, their life trajectory is extremely interesting and about which we only know little data. Let me bring to your memory an Eldean by birth, but a poland cell phone numbers Filipino by adoption, in order to do an exercise in historical memory and save a son of Elda who served his ministry in the distant Philippine archipelago from rote ostracism. We hardly have any data on him, we don’t have any poland cell phone numbers photographs or engravings, but I can’t resist sharing these brief brushstrokes that scholars and researchers give us by Fray Miguel Casáñez .

He was born in Elda, today 272 years ago, on August 30, 1746 , presumably in the bosom of a humble family. At the age of 20 he took the Franciscan habits, we suppose in the convent of Nª Sra. De los Ángeles , in the poland cell phone numbers town of Elda , from where he would be assigned to other convents. He professed in the province of San Juan Bautista on May 19, 1767. As a good preacher and faced with the evangelizing needs of the Franciscans in the Far East , Fray Miguel Casáñez chose to go as a missionary to the Philippine Islands , where after a long transoceanic journey He arrived on poland cell phone numbers November 26, 1779. With a great humanistic training, there he combined his work as priest-parish priest of Lilio(act. Liliw), on the island of Luzon , with his work as an archivist in Manila . At the age of 63, he died in the town of Santa Cruz, today incorporated into the city of Manila , on October 21, 1809.


We know little else about this Filipino Eldense, who joins that few poland cell phone cmo email list numbers Eldeans linked over the centuries to the Spanish presence in the Philippine islands. Well then this chronicle, dedicated to all those Elders who rest there and to all those who managed to return to Spain after the Treaty of Paris of 1898, poland cell phone numbers by which the Spanish colonial rule was put to an end both in those lands of the Far East and in the Antilles. .

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