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David Fierro, Deputy Director Of Digital Marketing At Banamex: “It Is Not Only About Connecting,

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David Fierro, Deputy Director Of Digital Marketing At Banamex: “It Is Not Only About Connecting,

Internet of things  is in fashion due to the bets that brands are making on the subject. However, this concept has different definitions that are consistent with the company that is talking about the concept, as there are those who focus more on connectivity and user experience, reports the deputy director of digital marketing at Banamex, David Fierro.

In the framework of the International Congress of Digital Marketing, David Fierro talks about what the Internet of Things is , the acceptance by the Mexican consumer, as well as the actions that brands must implement to be able to enter this play. It is important to note that the Internet Jordan Phone Number List of Things is relatively new in Mexico, considering that we are three to five years behind the United States, which is not negative news, as Fierro emphasizes that this is a viewer towards the future, “It would be a false belief to think that we are a vanguard country on the subject.”

However, to enter the internet of things , fundamental aspects must be considered, which according to Fierro there are two “one is the alignment and the other is the optics” where the first has to do with the future actions of the company to try to undertake within the subject, by stating: “a brand that wants to enter must align not only the management, but must also implement things that it has not yet prepared.”

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In second place is the perspective where the Banamex deputy director of digital marketing highlights that he focuses on the moment of offering products to the consumer, because “it is when you want to give the user the product, where brands must be fast to provide a response optimal, since it is not only about connecting and seeing what happens, but also about connecting and making sure that the experience is another one where a personalized service is offered ”. Likewise, the points that a company must Brother Cell Phone List consider to enter the Internet of things vary according to its function. To better explain this, David Fierro exemplifies it when comparing a car with a light bulb, where it first has more visible possibilities of using Internet of things, compared to the light bulb, since in this a device must be added to turn it on and off automatically ”.

David Fierro will offer the conference “Internet of things” within the National Congress of Digital Marketing on November 12, 2015 at Expo Bancomer. If you want to know more about the congress, click here .

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