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Cyclist accident in the La Torreta tunnel saudi mobile number

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Cyclist accident in the La Torreta tunnel saudi mobile number

Since bicycles acquired their current configuration at the end of the 19th century , saudi mobile number with wheels of the same size, chain drive and inflatable tires similar to those of current bicycles , Spain followed the path of other European countries in the bicycle hobby. It will be during the 90s of the 20th century saudi mobile number when the bicycle is spread and generalized in towns and cities, reaching its zenith between 1895 and 1899 with the appearance of a good number of clubs and the creation of new cycling societies . The organization of outings, excursions and races, and even saudi mobile number the publication of specialized magazines and the construction of some velodromes, were common in the last decade of the distant 19th century.

Although the oldest news that we have in Elda of the presence of bicycles is the organization of a cycling race on the occasion of the Major Festivities of 1914 that was held on September 6 , saudi mobile number at five in the afternoon, on Nueva Street. ; It will be the last years of the 19th century when the streets and roads of Elda will begin to be frequented by cyclists from Elda and other towns.


It will be one of those cycling excursions that in 1896 was about to end tragically. cmo email list According to the press of the time, one Sunday , May 24, 122 years ago (and we transcribe the news in full):…. saudi mobile number A serious mishap could have occurred (…)to a few cyclists from this town (Novelda), because of a brave display that could rather be described as recklessness. Finding themselves at the mouth of a tunnel, near the Elda station, on the Madrid, Zaragoza, Alicante railway, they tried to cross it, in front of the train that was already in sight. Once inside, and understanding that the train was reaching them, they saudi mobile number dismounted, not to mention that the tunnel’s side platforms were only 70 centimeters in latitude. The bicycles hooked by the running boards of the train were destroyed, and of the cyclists one was injured and the others were saudi mobile number miraculously saved, due to the prodigious efforts they made to embed themselves in the wall.


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