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Criticism of The Bridgertons

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Criticism of The Bridgertons

When I saw this series appear in the Netflix catalog, I directly passed it. how to get indian number online I am not very into period series, for my taste they are too slow, and despite having incredible sets and costumes, they do not attract me enough. Later I saw the promotional video by chance and I thought, watch out, this does not look so bad. The music, the tone, did not fit me much and began to cause me curiosity. Shortly after and being already available, the series caused a major stir as one of the most viewed on the platform, and friends you can no longer resist, you had to try, and if then it was a truño then nothing, how to get indian number online to something else. I started to watch the first chapter and the suspicions turned into reality, humanity was right, this was not just a period series, it was not just great landscapes and extreme pomposity. What the Bridgertons give us, and this is what got me hooked, is the tone with which this story is told. The humor, the easing of some how to get indian number online customs of those times, is a story told era with a language of the twentieth century , and this is, for me, the great success of the series.

We do not have to swallow long talks in old Spanish about the placement of the fish fork at a gala dinner, nor eat the romance in a typical way in a series of these characteristics. The story flows in a wonderful how to get indian number online way, we are not facing a great story that will change the course of the series, but it transmits each of the lines of the script, the story goes from the main one, with Daphne and the Duke, to the secondary ones, how to get indian number online with the whole Bridgerton family and surroundings, in an excellent way. Special mention should be made of its soundtrack, some classic versions of current affairs, a very good surprise, the recreation of 19th century London, which seems totally real, and the boy who hands out the Lady how to get indian number online Whistledown pamphlets, who has to hold the record of kilometers traveled in a television series.


Then there are the characters, all at a very good level, but if I have to highlight someone, cmo email list I will choose Queen Charlotte.  You are going to hate and love her at the same time, every time she appears you want her to stay a little longer. Lady Danbury , where you truly see a fighting woman who has achieved everything she has how to get indian number online thanks to herself, Eloise Bridgerton , and that struggle to break established canons accompanied by a humor that amused me a lot, and finally, Lady Portia Featherington , just for such a name it already deserves to be valued. She sucks so much and you hate her so much that you can only think about the great work behind the character. As negative points in the characters section, how to get indian number online we find Marina Thompson and Penelope Featherington . Two characters that deflate as the series passes, and go from being interested to despairing, and it is a pity because above all Penelope promised a lot.

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