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Corcón, corcar and corcarse iran telephone

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Corcón, corcar and corcarse iran telephone

With these three words we refer in Elda to what in general Spanish are the iran telephone noun woodworm , the verb carcomer and its pronominal form carcomerseThe woodworm is a ‘Coleoptera insect which there are several species, very small and dark, whose larvae gnaw and bore wood sometimes producing a perceptible noise’ iran telephone according DLE SAR. The verb gnaw refers to the action that woodworm produces when it attacks the wood. Carcomerse , in its pronominal form, is the most used. Corcón is the adaptation, with paragogic n (final), of the Valencian-Catalan iran telephone word corcó ‘woodworm’. The verbs corcar and corcarse also have the same origin ( corcar, corcar-se ) and correspond to the Castilian carcomer, carcomerse .

The DLE of the RAE only collects the verb gnaw with the meaning of ‘filled with woodworm’, but it circumscribes it to Aragón and Murcia, although from what we have been able to find out in the Murcian area iran telephone they do use corcón and corcarse , but in Aragón most common words with these meanings are wanted and querarse , being restricted the terms gray mullet and corcarse to areas adjacent to Aragonese Catalan territories, which would demonstrate the Catalan origin of these words. Both corcón , corcar or corcarse , are used in Spanish- speaking populations of the Valencian iran telephone Community such as Sax, Villena, Aspe, Orihuela, Villar del Arzobispo, etc., as well as in Murcia, as we have mentioned previously.


There is a variant of corcón with the same meaning, corca , also of Catalan origin, which cmo email list we have documented in almost all the previously mentioned Spanish-speaking populations and it was even iran telephone common in Almería until the 19th century, together with the verb acorcar , occurring, already in the century XX, hybrid forms corcoma and corcomar to have crossed the corca and acorcar with woodworm and gnaw .

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