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Cholera strikes Elda thailand phone number free

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Cholera strikes Elda thailand phone number free

Throughout the 19th century, cholera repeatedly struck Spain. Due to its thailand phone number free origin in the delta of the Ganges River (India), it was commonly referred to as “ Asian morbid cholera ”. The proliferation and expansion of the bacillus Vibrio cholerae , spread more easily in countries with warm and temperate climates, generated several choleric pandemics that affected Spain in 1833-1834, 1854-1855, 1865, 1884-1885, and even with more recent thailand phone number free outbreaks in 1911, 1971 and 1979. The latter being almost hidden by the authorities due to the atavistic fear of the disease.A situation that, unfortunately, did not recur in the July and August 1885 epidemic , when the terrible cholera epidemic once again loomed over the town of Elda, causing the death of 334 residents of the approximately 4,300 inhabitants thailand phone number free of the town of Elda by those then. Tragedy that forced to suspend the celebration of the Major Festivities of that year, which were postponed until November 15 and 16.

The contagion and spread of cholera generally occurs in contexts of unhealthy conditions , overcrowding of the population and lack of sanitary services such as sewerage, running water and sanitary control of food. The contamination of the waters of the sources of good water, and with them those of food and clothing, as well as of the thailand phone number free cisterns by leaks from cesspools or septic tanks spread the disease very quickly. With an incubation period of one or two days, the disease manifests itself with vomiting, cramps, muscle cramps, but above all with excessive diarrhea thailand phone number free with liquid stools, with hardly any fever. Death occurs in less than a week due to dehydration of the body.


The Asian morbid cholera horribly attacked Alicante and other towns in the months of August cmo email list and September 1854 . First outbreak from which the town of Elda was saved from being affected. thailand phone number free However, the same did not happen in August 1855, because according to Lamberto Amat , a direct witness, “… the calamitous disease occurred on the afternoon of August 5, attacking many people; but when it took a terrifying increase and development, it was on the night of the 6th to the morning of the 7th, when there were 800 attacked, all very serious. The most distressing consternation seized the minds; the three incumbent physicians were cowering… ”. Despite the high degree of contagion, either thailand phone number free due to the preventive measures adopted by the municipal authorities; good for the good health of the Elders; Well, as many believed at the time, through the intercession and divine protection of the Virgin of Health and the thailand phone number free Christ of Good Success , taken in an extraordinary prayer procession on August 8, few were the deceased.


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