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Castelar resigns philippines mobile directory

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Castelar resigns philippines mobile directory

One fateful Saturday , January 3, 1874 , today 145 years ago, Eldense Emilio Castelar , philippines mobile directory then head of the government of the Spanish Republic , lost the vote on the question of trust, to which the government presided over by him had submitted. , by 100 votes in favor and 120 against. Faced with philippines mobile directory the adverse result, Castelar resigned and the presidency of the Cortes began deliberations with the political groups so that the parties agreed on the candidate who would replace Castelar at the head of the Republic.

Months before, after his election on September 7, 1873 , Castelar had obtained from the Cortes the granting of extraordinary powers to end the cantonal rebellion. He then proposed the suspension of the sessions of the philippines mobile directory Courts, which was granted on September 20 but with a deadline until the following January 2. Concessions and measure that confronted Francisco Pi y Margall , who accused Castelar of breaking the law and preventing the drafting of a federal constitution. From that moment on, Castelar ruled by decree and firmly, with the sole objective of ending the philippines mobile directory cantonal rebellion of Cartagena  and the 3rd Carlist civil war., which threatened to spread to all of Spain. Thus, for 3 months he suspended constitutional guarantees, established press censorship and reorganized the artillery corps dissolved under the reign of Amadeo de Saboya ; He called in the reservists and summoned a new lev with which he obtained an army of 200,000 men, philippines mobile directory in addition to a loan of 100 million pesetas to meet the costs of the war. As he himself defined “… I need a lot of infantry, a lot of cavalry, a lot of artillery, a lot of Civil Guard and a lot of police” to support and defend the Republic.


The internal dissensions between the different republican families (intransigent, cmo email list radical, constitutional, moderate, …) and the different model of Republic advocated by both ( federal versus unitary ) philippines mobile directory caused Emilio Castelar to lose the parliamentary support of the moderate Nicolás Salmerón , to the President of the Cortes, and of his followers who until then had supported the Castilian government. After the loss of the parliamentary confidence motion at midnight on January 3, 1874 and the consequent resignation of Castelar as head of the executive of the philippines mobile directory Republic, and before the parliamentary recess to choose Castelar’s successor from among the federals, General Pavía , Captain General of Castilla-La Nueva, duly informed of the adverse result to Eldense, gave order to dissolve philippines mobile directory the session and evict the chamber in 5 minutes.

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